Patagonia Chopper

Agustin Chicou of Patagonia Chopper, modest and down to earth, is the youngest brother of six siblings. Some of his family became musicians, there are a psychologist and a pilot. Agustin himself studied and worked in radio production. When his pilot brother got the idea to set up Patagonia Chopper and asked him to collaborate, he just couldn't say no. Agustin keeps his feet firmly on the ground taking care of coordination, product development and promotion, while his brother is up in the sky flying his passengers over the endless streets of Buenos Aires, the vast plains, waterfalls or icebergs, sometimes reaching the borderline cordillera. The complementing between the two is seamless.

Agustin loves to create products and packages around their private planes and helicopters, renovating the offer every year. Imagine jumping on a private jet in the morning and fly over the immense Iguazu waterfalls at the border with Brazil, make a landing, have a guide showing you all that’s interesting to see, taking care of your personal wishes, eat a copious lunch and return to BA in the sunset. At Patagonia Chopper they call this package “Full Day”. Not bad.

Their clientele is varied but mostly high-end tourists, businessmen and politicians. There is the adrenaline-driven chopper client, looking for a breath-taking experience. Or the father who saved money realizing a dream to take his six-year-old son flying on a heli on Dia del Niño. Agustin and his team take care of any special request, a bouquet of roses for a fiancée upon arrival, a bottle of champagne to enjoy with the girlfriend, and all the other standard Patagonia Chopper conditions on board: good service, quality reading within reach, an all-tastes movie selection, the best catering. Patagonia Chopper teams up with five star hotels to design special treats for their VIP clients, or incentives for companies’ successful employees.

What gratifies Agustin most is the happy smile on people’s faces when they get back to earthy reality after an unforgettable time up in the air. He doesn't care much for talking about himself and prefers to shine the light on his brother’s creativity. They surely share the ambition to make a great product.

And so do we at Xpatlife.

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