Chotto-Matte and Nikkei Cuisine

“An evening at Chotto-Matte will give you an experience you will want to repeat,


Burger & Lobster in Soho

Food wise - Restaurants Burger & Lobster in SOHO - 36-38 Dean Street, Soho, London

Amazing option for the afternoon or night.

No menu, just 3 irresistible options:


Bring something new to the dinner table

When I organize dinner parties at my house I always like to surprise my friends with something new, something different, something cool ...and this time I found the ultimate in Paletitas, perfect for cleansing the palate between the entrée and the yummy main course...

Claudia, the founder of Paletitas has mastered the art of mixing fresh, exotic and colorful fruits...Being a proud Mexican, she treasures the amazing fruits that her country has to offer and manages to transport those wonderfully natural flavors into deliciously delectable Paletitas.


A Bubbly Brunch

We love any excuse to enjoy some bubbly. And it's even better when it's accompanied by fabulous food in an idyllic secret garden. The seasons is turning, dust off your panamas, get your sun glasses and come with us, we are taking you for a bodacious brunch with the best espumante from Bodegas NQN


What you need to see, xperience & talk about

The 5th Floor 

If you prefer to lounge in a living room rather than a lobby, mix your drink at the bar the way you like it, mingle with like-minded people or secrete yourself away on one of the several sunny terraces, The 5th Floor is the place for you.


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