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The 5th Floor 

If you prefer to lounge in a living room rather than a lobby, mix your drink at the bar the way you like it, mingle with like-minded people or secrete yourself away on one of the several sunny terraces, The 5th Floor is the place for you.

While not strictly “invitation only”, The 5th Floor is designed with friends and friends-of-friends in mind, people who will appreciate its old-fashioned house party atmosphere. As its name suggests, it covers the fifth and sixth (top) floors of a building that was constructed at the beginning of the 40’s. Built as the principal residence of the building’s original architect, it was his ‘Petit Hotel’ with flourishes of Art Deco style evident in its stained glass windows, oak floors and award winning marble staircase. Unique amongst accommodation options here, it gives the visitor a glimpse into the lives of the city’s grand families, during Buenos Aires’s golden era. At the same time, full modernisation of its facilities and infrastructure assure the comfort demanded by today’s traveller.

If you are bored of beautifully designed furniture that is uncomfortable to sit on, mouth-wash sized measures from overpriced mini-bars or trendy young staff whose recommendations can’t be trusted, then come and stay with us. We offer comfort, space, great value and the best breakfast in Buenos Aires.

We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for this great city with you.

The 5th Floor


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