Hi XpatLife! we want to introduce you to Musicarial (www.musicarial.com) is a music streaming service that uses the best of the available technology to provide audio branding.

Our mission is to make life easier for brands, allowing managers and employees to focus on driving revenue and sales, leaving store music to us.

Using Musicarial is really simple, our clients just need a computer with broadband connection and a sound system to connect the computer with.

In case you don´t have a computer or internet connection, there are other options available.

All playlists are curated by music experts respecting the brand´s identity, every song is selected to match the brand, the time of the day it will be played and the brand experience the company wants to transmit.

All of our music is constantly updated and as our service is internet based, it can be broadcasted to any place in the world, in real time.


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