About Mara Ward.

Hi! I am Wendy and would like to thank Liana Neal for inviting us to become a part of XPAT LIFE.

We met a couple of weeks ago and bonded immediately, her fun loving spirit and warm disposition made us feel part of the XPAT LIFE family immediately.

She asked us to introduce Mara Ward so that all the XPAT LIFE members would also become part of the Mara Ward family.

Mara Ward is a project that begun in April of 2014 when my partner, Maria asked me if I would like to design and develop our own line of shoes and handbags.

After having lived abroad during 8 years and having put my professional life on hold for quite some time I thought it would be a great opportunity for personal growth. Maria had her own law practice and was looking for a change in her professional life after having practised law for 20 years. Huge fans of fashion and design we decided to immerse ourselves in the universe of shoes!

Right from the beginning we knew we wanted to offer a high end product with an exclusive distribution. After completing a course in design we searched for one of the top 4 Argentine manufacturers who has been in the industry for over 30 years and has been able to overcome many Argentine crisis focusing on producing excellent quality, hand crafted shoes.

We were so enthusiastic that a third friend, Karina, who had lived in Bangkok for 16 years and supplied handbags to the Eastern market asked us if she could join our project.

The excellent export quality leathers and the dedicated handcraft allow us to attain an exclusive, high quality product that combines femininity and endurance.

We have focused on taking care of all the details so that all internal pockets, invisible magnets and metal decorations express the great craftsmanship of these products.

The main idea behind our brand is exclusivity, this is obtained by producing small amounts of each design and quickly moving on to the next.

Our customers know that they won’t find someone else using the same shoes or handbag.

Now we are introducing our autumn winter collection that is inspired by the personality and style of the Royals of all times. Elizabeth, Grace, Rania, Kate, Máxima, Charlotte, Letizia, Carolina and Estefanía are some of the Queens and Princesses that reflect this seasons spirit.

We introduce all the winter warmth with natural leather and combinations of cebu and veal in colors such as black, grey, bordeaux, chocolate and pink.

Our ballerinas are characterized by details, bows and rims that make each pair of shoes unique. Our collection also includes slipper style flats, stilettos and boots.

Focusing on our pool of international customers we have decided to open a Show Room in Recoleta only half a block away from Hotel Alvear.

The address is Av. Alvear 1807, 4th floor apartment 401.

The salesperson who receives our customers is fluent in English and Portuguese. We love meeting new customers and enjoying a glass of champagne so please let us know if you are coming so we can be there to receive you!

Thank you!

Maria Bova Karina Chichisola Wendy von Gerstenberg

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