Closed Door Restaurant Ocho Once - Interview with owner & chef, Gonzalo Bazterrica

Ocho Once

Gonzalo Bazterrica opens the door of his home at El Salvador. He has a husky voice, is attractive and welcoming but he doesn’t overdo his act. What you see is what you get is what you feel, basically, when meeting him. The entrance of the old Palermo mansion has a high ceiling, stained glass windows and black and white tiles. The antique cabinet overflowing with pots of organic honey, chutneys, olive oil and wine looks promising.


Your Favourite Cuts of Beef - Translated.

Written by Richard Porter on The Argentine Experience Blog.  

 Argentina is famous across the globe for being home to BIG beef eaters. In fact globally they are the second highest consumers of beef, averaging six tonnes of beef per person per year. Okay, well that last bit is a lie, but you only have to wander the streets of Buenos Aires to see parrilla after parrilla and steak after steak. You can't walk more than 50ft without tripping over part of a cow.


Allard Van Hoorn - Art Rotterdam 2014

Art Rotterdam Focused Artist 2014 – Allard van Hoorn 018 Urban Songline - Translating the Van Nelle Factory into music Rotterdam, January 23, 2014 –

On occasion of the first edition of Art Rotterdam at its new location, the Van Nelle Design Factory, Allard van Hoorn, this year's Focused Artist, will create a new iteration of his project Urban Songlines, in which he translates architecture; buildings and other objects in public space into music through site-specific sound generation.

During all days of Art Rotterdam, Focused Artist 2014 Allard van Hoorn will make music from the switch-panel of the fuse-box of the former Van Nelle Factory, the new location of the biggest contemporary art fair in the Netherlands. This 18th iteration of the project 'Urban Songlines' departs from the acoustic composition 'Hidden Concert for Alarms, Horns, Screams & Air Raid Sirens' by Manchester based Distractfold Ensemble adding the sounds created by manipulation of the levers of the actual switch-board of the now defunct transformer of the 1931 former coffee, tea and tobacco processing plant. The project 'Urban Songlines', based on the tradition of the Australian Aboriginals to bond to their land through tonal description of it, translates public space into music through site-specific sound generation discussing how we relate to and co-own the public domain. Located just besides the main entrance of the fair the audience can manipulate and listen to the concert during all opening hours of the fair;

Wed. Feb. 5, 6 – 10 pm (invitation only) | Thu. Feb. 6, 11 am – 7 pm | Fri. Feb. 7, 12 – 21 pm | Sat. Feb. 8, 11 am – 7 pm | Sun. Feb. 9, 11 am – 7 pm.

The artist will also be represented at the fair by Boetzelaer | Nispen Gallery, booth 6.

The concert aims to heighten the level of attention of the visitors to the fair. Allard van Hoorn (1968, Leiden, NL) is a sound- , installation- and performance artist collaborating across the disciplines of architecture, design, music, dance and theatre creating visual, acoustic and spatial scripts and scenarios that investigate our relationship to public space. His work is presented by Biennales of Istanbul - Gwangju (Design), Shenzhen (Architecture & Urbanism), ISCP Open Studios - Brooklyn, Centro Centro - Madrid, MACRo - Rosario, Rosenthal Contemporary Arts Center - Cincinnati , de Appel arts centre - Amsterdam, Storefront for Art and Architecture - NYC, Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam, Pinakothek der Moderne - Munich, Gasworks - London, Museum of Contemporary Art & Zendai Museum of Modern Art - Shanghai, Van Abbemuseum - Eindhoven, Museu de Arte Moderna da Bahia - Salvador de Bahia, The Moore Space - Miami, Museo de la Ciudad de México - DF, German Architectural Centre - Berlin & CCCB – Barcelona.

For more information: International Press | Tomaz Azevedo Capobianco | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Allard van Hoorn | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Art Rotterdam 2014 Press | Monique Verhulst | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Marnix van Boetzelaer | Boetzelaer|Nispen | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. |

Xpat Lifestyle by Mariana Belisario-Blaksley

Xpat Life's Triumphal Debut.

It was an unusual sight at Sarmiento and Las Heras corner for a Saturday at 3pm. Those tacky carriages I wouldn’t be caught dead on, children eating cotton candy, the queue for the zoo, loads of people, la Rural, cars, black and yellow cabs, bondis and… an incongruent, multilingual crowd, all dressed up in black, gold and red. It was Xpat Life’s CABA contingent waiting for the party buses. 


Xpat Life - Artist of the Month - Allard van Hoorn

Expat life is a one of discovery and adaptation but also one of discovering cultural diversity. Not only the differences between the people you meet and work with when arriving in a new country, but also its history and traditions. There is much to say for celebrating the differences between cultures. Wade Davis, longtime reporter and researcher for National Geographic, starts his TED talk with stating that of the 4,000 languages spoken today only half will have survived by the time our kids have our age. A risk of globalisation is uniformity that makes us vulnerable in situations where creativity through diversity is needed.


Xpat LifeStyle by Mariana Belisario-Blaksley

When my dear friend Liana Neal was bold enough to grant me a regular column on her site, a part of this grand project of hers named Xpat Life, I was honoured.

She has read my stuff before and she knows I’m… let’s call it peculiar when it comes to writing. Nevertheless she wants me in and I must say an expat’s community is something close to my heart.


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