Allow me to begin by saying that I am thrilled to have met Liana Neal and be welcomed to XPAT LIFE. I guess that what brought us together was our shared bon vivant cosmovission in the continuous pursuit of having some good old healthy fun and most importantly to absorb the most of each country that we settle as true nomads that we are.


You could say I am an expat from the get go. I was born into an expat family in London.

Since that moment I have had the pleasure of living in France ,Uruguay ,Algeria, the United States, Bolivia, Brazil, and Belgium.

After so many journeys I found my port in Buenos Aires and have self –adopted me as a porteño. With the sudden surge of international tourism to Argentina in 2002 I realized that there was a niche in the luxury travel market of Argentina.

There was a lack of savoir faire when it came to relating with highly sophisticated “professional” travellers who demand and expect tout de tout comme il faute. I am a constant explorer of Buenos Aires. There is always something new and intriguing to be discovered and researched.

One always finds a different subject to photograph or topic to write about. A new restaurant to try out or a new trendy art gallery to visit. BA should be named the sabbatical capital of the world.

Today I bring personalized a la carte leisure assistance to visitors from all over the world. My only goal is to make their memories of BA as entertaining and interesting as possible.

Fortunately this melting pot has all the ingredients and condiments to make your temporary residence unforgettable. Be it cuisine, architecture, art, theatre, wine, tango, sports, nightlife or all of the above.

I am here to bring all my expertise in making sure XPAT LIFE meets your specific caprices.

Make everyday count!

Sebastian Airaldi

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