Buenos Aires on a High

Whizz around the city of Buenos Aires and see all the city's hot spots -  Palermo, Recoleta, Puerto Madero, Centro, La Boca - in just half an hour. Yes you read it right, it will take you just 30 minutes to experience the highs of Buenos Aires in the most unique, intense and exciting ride of your life.

Xpat Life proposes a more sophisticated way of showing your visitors the stunning city of Buenos Aires, aboard a PATAGONIA CHOPPER. The company that offers elite helicopter and private plane services in Argentina, will tailor make a tour according to your specific needs and desires.   

Proposal: Book an unforgettable Heli City Tour Xperience in a stunning Bell 407 helicopter with up to 7 of your friends. After all, fun shared is fun doubled!

For your Xperience - contact Xpat Life -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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