The Party X BairesVan

Your friends are coming to town and you want to take them to your favorite nightspots in the city and have an unforgettable evening out...But going to three or four different places in a night, moving from one to the other is not an easy task, trying to find taxis, waiting for remises is all a bit of a pain and takes away from what should be a relaxed night out   ..... But wait, we can make life so easy for you and “get the party started” right outside your front door. The only thing you have to do is call... Federico, and he and his luxurious van will be waiting and on call for you...All night!

A fun night out with friends is the best and even more if these friends have flown thousands of miles to come and see you... So you have to make the most of this night with them ...

Arrangement: Federico will be picking you up at your front door... when you and your friends get into the VAN you will be welcomed by a bottle of cheeky Champagne to share and the latest music to enjoy... Federico will take you to all the places that you ask him to and wait for you at each one and when you are done for the night he will bring you back home, happy, safe and sound.

Game Plan: Surprise your friends by going for Cocktails at your favorite bar... then dinner at that gorgeous restaurant and finish the night with a boogie at the coolest bar or club.

A little secret: You and your friends will feel like Hollywood stars, trust me!

Contact BAIRESVANS for your Xperience XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX They are waiting for you!

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