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 Xpat Life Jetstyle  Xpat Life Six O'Clock Tea 2015  
 Xpat Life Gran Bar Danzon  Xpat Life 2nd Anniversary  
 Xpat Life Bogota, Colombia (Bloopers)  Xpat Life Reel 2015 (Extended Version)  
 Xpat Life Special - Exclusive interview with the creator of the One Million Dollar Money Ball  Xpat Life - Six O'Clock Tea 21st Edition  
 Xpat Life & Peugeot Longe - Bon Vivant Party!  Xpat Life & Todos Junto Masquerade Party!  
 Xpat Life Six O'Clock Tea  Xpat Life "Trunk Show" with Oleana  
 Xpat Life Cajun Shrimp Boil Night & Uncorked - Xpat Life Wine Club  Xpat Connections & Paradisus Resort Hotels  
 Xpat Life Connections - Recoleta, Hub Porteno Hotel & Oleana Jewelry  Xpat Life Polo & La Copa Lily Garrahan
 Xpat Life "VINTAGE NIGHT" at Ocho Once  Xpat Life, Javier Luna & LALCEC
 Xpat Life "BLEU" POOL PARTY FEB 2014 Xpat Life PRE-POLO TEXAN BRUNCH - Extended version
 Xpat Life WHITE NIGHTS - Extended version  Xpat Life at the Faena Hotel with Herbalife
 The Stunning Xpat Life launching - long version  The Stunning Xpat Life launching - short version
 Reel  Abierto Polo Palermo

 POLO Event (with subtitles)

 Passion for Polo with Xpat Life

 Party with the Fashion Crowd

 Say Goodbye to our Xpats Friends

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