BA Through the Lens


Pssst!!  Do you want to discover BA in a different light and experience a unique side of the city that you can capture and keep forever? Well get your camera at the ready..

Ready, aim, shoot!

So you've been living in Buenos Aires for while and think you've seen it all, huh? Well, believe us, there are many more sides of this beautiful city to discover, whether you're a BA resident or new to town. Allow us to introduce you to Becks and Jocelyn, the founders of FOTO RUTA. They'll take you on a private personalised tour of lesser known neighborhoods and help you uncover hidden photoworthy gems, while giving you tips on how to take the perfect shot! It's perfect for beginners that want to impress their friends on Facebook with their new photography skills or for photography pros looking to capture a piece of the real Buenos Aires in a secure environment.

Contact Foto Ruta for your Xperience They are waiting for you!

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