I say tomato, you say tomato... Learning Spanish has never been more fun!

New in a Spanish speaking country? No Spanish at all? Or you thought your Spanish was good but accents can be so confusing

and certain words can mean something completely different from one Spanish speaking country to another, that it makes you wonder "where is the Spanish I knew?”

Here we introduce you to our XPP (Xpat Life Preferred Partner), Gisela Giunti – a guru at teaching Spanish.

She is here for you – offering individual, couples or even group classes ... As an XPP, Gisela has come up with some great ideas to include in the courses she offers - lots of fun and yes, really useful to know “Argentine” words and phrases to help you: deal with Argentines in a correct way, from piropos to the most correct idiomatic expressions workshops, going to the doctor, be socially correct and sociable in Spanish, negotiating, shopping, dog culture (don’t step in the wrong place!) etc.

She has great ideas for kids as well and upon request parents can ask for different activities.

You can even combine regular lessons + Workshops or activities:

So Keep Reading and learn your second or third language in a fun way with a person we trust!

For more info about Gisela read the letter she wrote for you in our SOAP BOX section!

For more information about classes: contact Liana at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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